When Did It Get Cliche To Not Give A F*ck?

At what point is it wrong to share the truth?

Did I miss the memo as I started not to give a fuck? So, today happens to be Father’s Day. A day that many of us don’t particularly care for or even like. Truthfully, a majority of us were raised by our mothers. In typical REAL fashion, I ended up writing a message on Instagram about it and going in.

I was scrolling down on my wall to see the latest updates and saw this…

Now, the person who wrote it doesn’t know me in real life. They are “online” cool and all, but they don’t realize I pretty much advertise the GOOD and BAD of what goes on with me. I speak what I feel and I have no apologies about SHIT. So, okay, I said what I said about my father, but why should I be forced to give a fuck about a man who didn’t give a fuck about me? Why should I speak highly about an ASSHOLE who isn’t about shit? That man has not been there for me at all. When I needed his help when I was going through it, he tells me he can’t because he bought a new jeep. My mother is dead (RIP) and he SHOULD step up to the plate, but he would rather hide out in Barbados and be a bitch. I would shout how much I think he is a dumb ass from the mountain tops, I would. I know there are people out there who relate and say:


But, why are we forced to act like everything is great, when it really isn’t? Is it a public perception thing? I literally ran out of fucks to give in 2012. I don’t care about other people and their opinions of me. I don’t live my life for people and their bullshit. Why is it okay to advertise being in the club, with a handful of random hoe ass in one, and a bottle of Ace of Spades in the other? Realistically, the random hoe only likes the fact he got the bottle. What she doesn’t realize is the bottle is from someone else’s table and he is like a new-born puppy on a tit. Why is it okay to post your pictures on Instagram like you are balling like that, when you know damn well your lights are about to get cut off and you are about to be evicted? Why is it okay to FRONT shoes, clothes, and other shit, but when it comes time to be real, the Itty Bitty Judgement Committee are clutching pearls and looking at you like you need to be burned in the town square?

Just a thought: maybe if everyone was a little more real about their lives, then we won’t be disappointed when we actually hear the truth.

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