Teyana Taylor Is Such A Little Person To Have Such A Big Head

Hi. How are you? What do you do again? …..

Teyana Taylor thinks she is an innovator. She thinks she has created the movement that is Rihanna and the other chick, Rita Ora. She feels she is the creator of the whole “tom boy” style.

Oh ok.

Anyway, check what she had to say in Complex about being the influence of our generation…

I do feel like I influence a lot of artists. But the way I look at it is not in a negative way. I love them. When I came in the game, it wasn’t okay to be a girl and wear sneakers and hats and streetwear. They called me gay. Now the tomboy thing, it’s sexy. Rihanna and Rita Ora are fly and sexy. I’m happy I was able to pave that way. I love seeing our artists dressed like that. You ain’t gay if you throw on sneakers and a hat. Nobody can take that away from me and say, “Oh, she didn’t start that trend.” They all know. I’ve always been about this life and mixing kicks with high fashion on some ghetto chic shit.

Oh ok.

She also goes on to say some other stuff about how her career at GOOD Music was created…

Kanye always felt like I was the female version of him. The way I believe in clothes. The visions and wanting to make more than just a great song. It’s bigger than that. He’s been where I’ve been, where people aren’t believing in you. I feel like everybody has their season. And my season is coming up.
One day he called me while he was working on the album. He wanted me to come to the studio to check out some pieces that Balmain had exclusively made for him and he wanted me to check out his album.
Even though the invite really was to check out clothes, I had told myself I was going to get on that album—whether he knew or not. [Laughs.] I’m not even a morning person and he wanted me to come at 9 a.m. I get there and I like his clothes. He’s like, “I knew you’d like this!” Then he started playing his album and I start humming and doing some little runs to what I’m hearing on the sly tip. I came in there humming! I knew what I was doing. [Laughs.] So he hears me and is like, “You can really sing. Yo, can you put some backgrounds on this song ‘Hell of a Life’?” He knew I was signed to Pharrell and all that, but I guess he didn’t know what I could really do. Like I said, we were more fashion friends. He just knew I was fly.

Oh, that’s interesting. #bigBROTHER2 caped Kim Kardashian. His judgement is impaired right now. She even caught herself throwing a hint of shade at Rihanna on Twitter over Rihanna’s new style yesterday:

I hope this new album gets you as much press as the urban gossip blogs Teyana!

One thought on “Teyana Taylor Is Such A Little Person To Have Such A Big Head

  1. See this is that Harlem shit and ‘tude that turns me off from my people! Nothing is new anymore and for this chick who got her start on (wait for it)…’my super 16’ to say that she influence’s people who have a gang of stylist that grew up in the 90s (circa- girls wearing baggy ass confortable clothes) is off the fucking chain! I hate Neuvo Rich niggas…this is why there are so few of us as decision makers in the REAL world of Fashion. I’m going to need her to take a stadium full of seats!

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