Chad Johnson’s Stripper Better Get Back On That Pole

The days of Chad paying anyone’s rent is simply out the question. He can’t even pay his own. Coochie McCooch better get back on that grind. Maybe she can help him out? Maybe? Check below…

Chad Johnson Reportedly Paid For Stripper’s Rent

VIBE Posted August 25, 2012

According to RadarOnline:

The disgraced former NFL star has been carrying out a number of illicit affairs with several women for the past year, a source exclusively told Radar, including an aspiring model and stripper from Atlanta named Amber Priddy who he was allegedly paying the rent for until his own financial situation took a downward spiral.

“Chad has been paying Amber $2000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up,” said our insider, but now the former Black Men Magazine Model Of The Year has been evicted from her apartment on Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Street, according to court documents, and she posted a plea on Twitter this week asking for help moving.

The raunchy revelations come after Chad’s bombshell week that started with his arrest for domestic violence on August 11 following an explosive fight with the Basketball Wives star, who filed for divorce three days later, which led to him being cut from the Miami Dolphins and fired by sponsor Zico coconut water.

The stripper is reportedly a dancer at the Gold Rush Showbar in Atlanta. Less than a week after the Pro Bowler got married, she allegedly subtweeted to Evelyn, “U can marry him but he’s still mine!!!”
I have never seen so much shit come out after such a scandal. Oooh weee! Chad Johnson was what you would call: a pimp. Now, he is simply: broke. A sad tale for any attention whore out there, but not an unfamiliar one. What goes up truly must land on it’s ass some day. I wonder if these females are still interested now that he is penny pinching and their accounts are now late?

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