So Much Drama In The LBC (Rappers Shoot Up LA Dub Car Show)

Well, not the LBC persay, but a lot of beef going on in California. Far from the days of West/East, now it is crew/crew in Cali. Isn’t crew beef so 1992 anyway?


Anyway, check below for a write-up about Game’s crew vs YG crew and another video of all this drama…

Exclusive: YG & The G.A.M.E.’s Crew Involved In Gang Fight & Shooting In Downtown LA

Posted on August 26, 2012 by Jason Lee

According to sources, rappers YG & members of The G.A.M.E.’s crew had a run in this afternoon in downtown Los Angeles and it resulted in violence. Compton Menace who is a close friend to G.A.M.E. and has a record of being involved in fights with other rappers like 40 Glocc got into an altercation with YG. Sources at the venue say that YG was on stage rapping and then Compton Menace’s crew “got into it [a fight] with YG’s crew.” There were about 40 people fighting in what turned into a brawl sending people running for cover.

Once outside gunshots erupted and several police and helicopters descended upon the convention center. Nobody has been reportedly shot and both YG and Compton Menace are reportedly ok.


Okay so yeah, no. I didn’t even want to report this negro-trocity. You can’t even go to a car show without getting shot up?  Has it really come back to this?

Get it together fellas.

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