Chris Brown and Rihanna Party Last Saturday?

She did say in that Oprah interview that they hung tight and are trying to be friends. Why are we shocked? Check below…

Saturday night Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted partying together at a Hollywood night club with Karrueche Tran nowhere in sight…

Chris and Rihanna really played it slick, because earlier in the evening Rihanna was spotted go-kart racing with Rob Kardashian, but Rihanna and Rob met up with Chris Brown at Playhouse in Hollywood and partied at tables right next to each other.


Tyga was with them in that video, so I know Chris was not to far behind.

Well I do know that KarrotTop was with Draya, from Basketball Wives LA fame, and a couple of friends for dinner on Saturday night. But seriously, what is going to happen to our poor KooKooKahn? Looks like this is all setting up for a Rihanna/Chris comeback.

Let’s hope that KooKuhMunga doesn’t go down without a fight.

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