Benzino and Karlie Redd Still…. Dating?

I wasn’t ready for this picture at all. I thought this was over? I thought my cease and dismiss letter got to Mona? Why is this happening? I felt my lunch move slowly up my throat and nearly projectiled towards my computer screen. No bueno. Check below…

Everybody has been talking about the crazy love affairs on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” but few of the show’s couples have gotten more attention in recent weeks than aspiring singer Karlie Redd and her fiery rapper-magazine owner boyfriend, Benzino. And though their whirlwind romance seemingly fell apart during the season finale, when Benzino withdrew his proposal, Karlie is now giving details about their relationship, which she says is still going strong.

Fans of the show have been very critical of Karlie and Benzino’s quickie romance, saying that the two became too hot and heavy way too fast. But in a recent interview with MTV News, Karlie insists that their romance only seemed quick because of the cameras.

“Yes, I did meet him off-camera and then we developed this relationship. He’s a great guy,” she explained. “Of course, you know, for TV, people are like, ‘You just met him in 30 minutes.’ No! Come on! We’ve been filming for a while. We didn’t just meet each other. For TV purposes, it looks like that, but we’ve been seeing [each other] for a minute.”
But just as soon as their relationship got off the ground, it was quickly threatened by her management, who advised her not to see the controversial hip-hop figure, who’s been embroiled in high-profile beefs with the likes of Eminem.
“What I was nervous about was … how do I say this … his reputation in the industry. … Right now people are like ‘Uh Benzino.’ So that was my worry more than anything and I showed that on camera,” said Karlie. “If you really love someone, forget what people say but it’s so hard when you’re in the industry.”

But the criticism and their own personal issues seemingly sank the couple when Benzino decided to call off his proposal to Karlie just seconds before he was going to pop the question. And though the two broke up on camera, Karlie apparently told MTV News that she and Benzino are back together again.
“He’s a good guy; he just has a little temper,” said Karlie.

Hmmm, we wonder what Roscoe Dash thinks of all of this?

I know what I think of this. BLECK! Someone get them out of here please. This will not guarantee them both camera time next season.

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