I Am A Man Of God And I Don’t Give A Fuck What You Mutherfuckers Think!

Do you care what people think about you?
Do you wonder why someone doesn’t like you?
Does it bother you when you see other people getting along with someone else and they steady treating you like shit?

Trust me, I been there. Ooh, it use to piss me off when I would be trying to do good and someone would bring a cloud over my sunshine. I learned the hard way about people in either gave my trust to quick or loving someone too fast. I been talked about, unfollowed, tried to follow, unfriended, tried to be-friended-ed, ignored, belittled,… you name it, I been through it. I didn’t realize that there are some bitter ass people in the world today, content on bringing everyone down in their path of destruction. I happen to be the moral of their story once they messed with me. They end up being the lesson in the moral of the story.

Let me school you to game real quick about how to handle it….

I went somewhere today and I saw someone who was very familiar to me. We weren’t friends, but I thought we had a mutual respect for one another. We actually worked in the same building at one point, so we saw each other every day. Well, I noticed them coming my way and I picked up my hand to wave and say hello because I hadn’t seen them in a long time. Do you know they looked at me and walked past like they didn’t want to acknowledge who I was?

Excuse me, say what now?

I was about to turn around and say something real ignorant. God had to stop me since he is still working on me. I really don’t like blatant disrespect. Maybe they got an answer in prayer that I did them wrong in a past life or something? I don’t know…  but it actually did mess me up for a little while, but then I had to remember something.

They are apart of that “2% of people who dislike my ass”.

I like to call the people who don’t like me or don’t get along with me that “2% of people who dislike my ass”. Out of the big ass pie, there is that little section that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Wherever I go, people are usually drawn to me and I make friends pretty quick. I have friends for many years and my longest friendship is going on 16 this year. Can you believe that? God blessed me with a friend I have known for that long. So, when someone treats me like a red-headed stepchild and doesn’t even really know me, I’m usually confused because I never understood why.

Get to know me first then hate me!

Look, we all have a “2% of people who dislike our asses”. Not everyone will be fond of you. It could be for many reasons too. Jealousy, envy, or plain ol “something about you rubs them the wrong way”… but, guess what? That’s okay! You need them to talk all the negative things about you and spread the word. You now have a PR team you don’t have to pay for. You need these people to spread lies about you and trash your name. That will spark people’s interest and they will want to know why you are this “evil asshole that needs to be thrown in a pool of lava?”. Thus, in your master plan, it will draw people to you and have the other person looking like a fool once your true character is revealed.

TADA! Insta-Idiot.

Learn that not everyone will be your friend and in this world of cliques, everyone is banning together to create a smear campaign on you. If your heart is clean and you know you did nothing wrong, just wait for karma to touch down with your blessings. The tables always turn eventually and those same people will receive their judgement. If someone hates you for no reason: GIVE THEM A REASON.

That is the “pull the rug from under the bitch” lesson I’ll save for another day.


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