Kim Kardashian’s After Party Draws A Good 50 People.


That line is around the corner. It was the place to be! So sad I missed it. Check below for the party of the year…

First sign of a falling star or just bad timing?

That was the question when Kim Kardashian‘s appearance at Charlotte, North Carolina’s new Club Hush drew less than 50 people on a night most of the country’s attention was focused on theDemocratic National Convention and theMTV Video Music Awards.

The 31-year-old was flanked by fellow reality star (and flour bombing victim) Jonathan Cheban, fashion designer Rachel Roy and a pal, in a promotional appearance Thursday dubbed as the after-party for the convention, which was also held in Charlotte.

She cryptically tweeted, “It’s that kinda night!” and linked to a shot of a half-full (or empty) drink glass.

After two hours, she left the unhappening get-together.

Sources on the scene said the house band’s observation that “This place is empty” irked the reality star, as part of her income comes from club appearances.


Look at all those bottles that are being passed around! Her weave is sweated out. She got her shoes off and she looks like she had the time of her life.

Such a shame I missed it….


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