Have You Ever Wanted To Block Out Chris Brown?

Well now there is an app for it! Check below…

In an age where there seems to be an app for everything, there now is a way to rid consumers of the overpowering #TeamBreezy trending topic.  Aux, a Toronto based television station, has developed, Brownout, a web app via Google Chrome aimed at getting rid of Chris Brown fodder.

Sam Sutherland, online producer for Aux, spoke with Atlanta’s V-103 radio station about the app, stating that news on the R&B star at times “reaches Chris Brown idiocy saturation.”

The “Brownout” app essentially works like an ad blocker.  Once the user types Brown’s name into the plug-in, what would have resulted in a golden head of hair appearing, has been replaced with a single blue box.  The app also censors headlines, and any mention of Brown’s name.

Brown isn’t the first artist to be blocked by Aux.  Rock group Nickelback also had the pleasure of being given their own self-titled app, fending off any mentions of their name.

With his recent champagne fight with Drake being widely publicized, and the creation of Brownout, it seems that the Virginia native’s Canadian pass is soon to be revoked.

No word if Drake had any involvement in the development of the app.


This sounds so lame.

If you have to get an app to block out all mentions of “Chris Brown”, then you maybe a lame as well.

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