#WTF – Lil Reese and His Friends Literally Beat Up A Girl… On Camera!

Signed to Def Jam (allegedly dropped) and already acting ratchet?

You honestly can’t give these new negros any kind of money!

So… I’ve never heard of Lil Reese. I assumed he is some new ghetto act about to take the hood by storm. All I know is this video I just saw is absolutely disrespectful. It was uploaded to WSHH last night and damn near put the “Uppercut Bus Driver” to shame. Check below to see all this ratchet behavior over your Sausage, Egg, and Cheese this morning…

The video, which was uploaded today with the title “This Is F***** Up: Lil Reese From GBE Caught On Camera Beating Up A Female!” already has over 55,000 views on WSHH, as well as over 600 tweets and 1000 likes through the website alone. On Twitter, both “Lil Reese” and “WSHH” are currently trending, with dozens of tweets being published per minute.

RECEIPTS: idigitaltimes

He took to Twitter to defend himself soon after shit hit the fan:

I weep for the world.

This is what happens when your parents are on crack and you skip English class.

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